Defense & National Security

Defense & National Security

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I understand how important it is to have the best equipped and trained military in the world. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution makes clear that one the major duty of Congress is to provide for the common defense. The 8th District is home to Robins and Moody Air Force Bases, two bases that are vital to America's security.  I am extremely proud of our installations and the thousands of veterans, military families, and Department of Defense civilian employees that I represent.


Robins AFB is home to the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex (WR-ALC), the Headquarters of the Air Force Reserve Command, 5th Combat Communications Group, and the E-8C Joint Surveillance Targeting Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) unit.  The Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex is one of the Air Force's three depots.  I am a strong proponent of maintaining the Air Force's organic depot capability, and I have worked to advance policies in Congress that protect and strengthen the WR-ALC. 


Moody AFB is home to the 23rd Wing and the 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing.  The 23rd Wing employs A-10C, HC-130P, HH-60G aircraft and trains and prepares personnel for combat operations.  The Air Force's biggest A-10C fighter group is based at Moody AFB.

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