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2020 Medicare Open Enrollment - October 15th - December 7th

This year's open enrollment period for Medicare is October 15th through December 7th.  This is the time of year when you can change your health and prescription drug plans.

Picking a plan is an important and personal decision.  As your Congressman, I want to provide important details about the open enrollment period and resources that may be helpful as you go through the Medicare Open Enrollment Process.

For more information on Medicare Open Enrollment, please call our Tifton office at 229-396-5175.

Medicare Open Enrollment Period

October 15 – December 7, 2020

Medicare can assist you in choosing the plan that best meets your needs and can provide you with information, counseling and assistance in regards to plans and benefits. Seniors, family members and caregivers can ask questions and learn more about Medicare by calling 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or by visiting Medicare’s website at

How can we help?

Individual Appointments

To schedule an individual appointment with my Warner Robins and Tifton District Offices throughout the months of October, November, and December, please call Tifton at 229-396-5175 or Warner Robins at 478-971-1776.


What should I consider when choosing or changing my Medicare coverage? (from

Coverage: Does the plan cover the services you need?

Your other coverage: If you have other types of health or prescription drug coverage, make sure you understand how that coverage works with Medicare. If you have employment-related coverage, or get your health care from an Indian Health or Tribal Health Program, talk to your benefits administrator or insurer before making any changes.

Costs: How much are your premiums, deductibles, and other costs? How much do you pay for services like hospital stays or doctor visits? Is there a yearly limit on what you could pay out-of-pocket for medical services? Make sure you understand any coverage rules that may affect your costs.

Doctor and hospital choice: Do your doctors accept the coverage? Are the doctors you want to see accepting new patients? Do you have to choose your hospital and health care providers from a network? Do you need to get referrals?

Prescription drugs: Do you need to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan? Do you already have creditable prescription drug coverage? Will you pay a penalty if you join a drug plan later? What will your prescription drugs cost under each plan? Are your drugs covered under the plan's formulary? Are there any coverage rules that apply to your prescriptions? Is the pharmacy you use in the plan's network?

Quality of care: Are you satisfied with your medical care? The quality of care and services given by plans and other health care providers can vary. Get help comparing plans and providers.

Convenience: Where are the doctor's offices? What are their hours? Which pharmacies can you use? Can you get your prescriptions by mail? Do the doctors use electronic health records (EHRs) or E-prescribe?


Here are some tips to help ensure that you and your benefits are protected:

When you see the doctor or have a test or procedure, keep some simple notes on your calendar about what you had done.

Then, when you get your claims information in the mail from Medicare, check the claims against your notes.  Have a friend or loved one help you if needed.

If you find an error, report it as soon as possible.  You can report it to Medicare at (800) HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477), or online at

Protect your personal information by guarding your Medicare and Social Security Numbers. Treat them as you would treat your credit cards. If your Medicare card is lost or stolen, report it right away. Call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) for a replacement.

Be suspicious of free offers, especially if anyone offers you free medical equipment or services and requests your Medicare number.  If it’s free, they do not need your number!

Don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity to the Office of the Inspector General at (800) HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477), or online at

Important Contact Information for Seniors:

Medicare - 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)

Social Security Administration - (800) 772-1213

Georgia Department of Community Health (Medicaid)– Toll Free: (800) 869-1150 or Local: (404) 656-4507

GeorgieCares (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) - 1 (866) 552-4464 Option 4

Department of Veterans Affairs - 1 (800) 827-1000

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Regional Office - (404) 562-7500

Medicare Part D Workshop Worksheet
Please fill out this worksheet, and bring it with you to our Medicare Part D Workshops.