WASHIGNTON, DC – Congressman Austin Scott (GA-08) today released the following statement upon the House of Representatives passing a short-term continuing resolution (CR) which would fund the government through February 8, 2019. The legislation now heads to the U.S. Senate for a final vote.

“For years, we have promised the American people that we would fix security and manpower issues along the southern border that have allowed not only illegal immigration, but also drug, weapon and human trafficking to occur. Thankfully, the House has successfully amended the Senate CR to include $5 billion the President has continuously requested to protect our country from criminal activity along our southern border.

“Furthermore, Georgia families, as well as families in Florida, Alabama, the Carolinas and California, desperately need federal assistance to recover from catastrophic weather events this year. I am thankful that after a long fight we were able to include funding in this CR that begins to help farmers and families get back on their feet following devastating losses. I will continue to press my colleagues and the White House for additional resources when we reconvene after the holidays.”