Rep. Austin Scott: A short-term CR just kicks the can down the road

September 30, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Austin Scott (GA-08) released the below statement upon voting against a short-term government funding measure through December 3, 2021, known as a continuing resolution (CR). Rep. Scott contends the measure offered by Congressional Democrats does not address our country’s fiscal issues caused by their out-of-control tax and spend agenda. The government’s fiscal year ends today, September 30th. The debt limit is set to expire on October 18th.

“A short-term CR kicks the can down the road for a few more weeks with no bipartisan agreement on long-term government funding. Second, it doesn’t address the larger debt limit crisis set to occur on October 18th. I believe these two things should be addressed together in a bipartisan manner with input from Republicans. Just as a reminder, Congress has been in session 11 days in the last two months,” said Rep. Scott.

Last night, House Democrats passed a measure to suspend the country’s debt limit until December 2022. Congress must pay down the debt, raise the debt limit by October 18th, or risk defaulting. Click here to read more.