Rep. Austin Scott Votes Against Raising Country’s Debt Limit

September 29, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Austin Scott (GA-08) released the below statement upon voting against raising the country’s debt limit through December 2022. The measure passed the House through the Promoting Physical Activity for Americans Act (S.1301).

“The ‘Promoting Physical Activity for Americans Act’ sounds like a good bill until you see that Speaker Pelosi stripped out the language of the legislation and inserted an uncapped debt increase through December 2022. You just can’t make this stuff up,” said Rep. Scott. “Raising the debt limit until December 2022 does nothing to address the fiscal issues our country is facing. It only allows Democrats more room to continue to spend without any regard for our debt or the impact their economic policies are having on American families.”

Increasing the debt limit gives the U.S. government more room to spend without having to pay down the national debt or reduce spending in other areas. Congress must pay down the debt, raise the debt limit by October 18th, or risk defaulting.