WASHINGTON, D.C.— Representative Austin Scott (GA-08) today released the below statement in response to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ remarks in Atlanta, Ga.

"There was record voter turnout in Georgia last year with over 1 million more voters in 2020 than years past," Scott said. "It is absurd that the President and Vice President are claiming that showing an ID to vote is a threat to democracy. And then, they pretend that they didn't support the very Senate procedures that they now demand be overturned to pass their legislation to federally take over state elections. The Administration can better serve Georgians by rectifying their unprecedented policy failures that increased food and fuel prices, opened our borders to fentanyl and illegal immigration, and destroyed our International credibility instead of traveling to Atlanta with false claims of 'voter suppression.'"

The President and Vice President’s addresses can be found here.