WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Austin Scott (R-GA-08) released the below statement upon voting against a $3.5 trillion budget resolution authored by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Democrats passed the measure by so-called “deem and pass,” which allowed for no debate and sets up a process known as reconciliation.

“The tax-and-spend spree of liberal socialist Democrats is burdening our economy and harming American families. They are using legislative gimmicks and intentionally creating a crisis situation where it will be even more difficult to combat rapidly growing inflation and economically recover from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Rep. Scott. “The consequences of the actions that Democrats took this week will be a shutdown and a debt limit crisis prior to the end of the year.  It is completely unacceptable, and the American people deserve better.”

Specifically, the budget resolution authored by Sen. Sanders will:

  • Add $17 trillion in new debt over ten years.
  • Call for the highest sustained federal spending levels in American history.
  • Raise taxes and costs on American families earning under $400,000.
  • Drop military funding to the lowest levels, as a percentage of the economy, in over 80 years.
  • Provide amnesty to illegal immigrants while dedicating no additional resources to the Department of Homeland Security as the border crisis continues and with more than 1.1 million migrants attempting to illegally enter the country this fiscal year.
  • Propose $68 trillion in total spending over ten years.
  • Push American jobs overseas and reward China by taxing U.S. employers at one of the highest rates in the world.
  • Eliminate "right to work" protections.