WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Austin Scott (GA-08) released the below statement upon voting to uphold the Constitution in the Electoral College Certification in Congress and in response to violence and destruction at the U.S. Capitol yesterday:

“The violence and destruction we saw yesterday at the U.S. Capitol was disgraceful, and it is tragic that a woman lost her life and others died from secondary causes. The criticism of the U.S. Capitol Police is also disgraceful, and it is my understanding that more than 50 Capitol Police were injured,” said Rep. Scott.

Rep. Scott continued: “As I stated in a letter to House Leadership on Tuesday, Congress does not have the Constitutional authority to overturn a state’s electoral votes - nor does the Vice President - and I believe my decision to support the Electoral College fulfills my sworn oath to the Constitution. I’m also very proud of Vice President Mike Pence, and I am honored to have known him many years and call him a friend. I’m proud of his commitment to fulfilling his duty to the Constitution as well.”

On January 5, Rep. Scott joined several colleagues in sending a letter to Congressional leadership stressing the role of Congress in certifying Electoral College votes. In their letter, the members contend that Congress doesn’t have the authority to overturn a state’s elector votes, only count the votes sent to them by each state. The members further contend that absent a state sending a competing slate of elector votes or evidence of fraud by January 6, Congress has no power or authority to intervene in the election. Click here to read their letter.