TIFTON - Congressmen Austin Scott (GA-08) and Doug Collins (GA-09) today sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding the inadvertent delays in processing H-2 agricultural guest worker visas in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, threatening Georgia farmers’ ability to ensure Americans have access to the food they need.

“We write in concern over inadvertent delays in processing H-2 agricultural guest workers, an issue that has been brought to our attention by farmers across Georgia,” wrote the Members. “Such delays could have a substantial negative impact on the United States’ domestic commodity and food supply.”

“Given the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus, Georgians and folks across America are understandably concerned about their ability to continue accessing the food they need. As one of the nation’s top agricultural producers, the state of Georgia and its farmers supply food … to every corner of the United States. In addition to fruits and vegetables, the supply of cotton … would also be harmed by any H-2 agricultural guest worker program delay.”

“During these trying times, we must focus efforts on ensuring Americans have continued access to the foods and commodities they rely on. This access relies heavily on farmers’ abilities to utilize agricultural workers under the H-2 program.”

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