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"One Cent Solution"

March 19, 2013
Press Release

Cuts One Cent from Every Dollar Spent; Balances the Budget by 2016

Washington D.C. – As the House of Representatives prepares to vote on its Budget proposals this week, U.S. Congressman Austin Scott (GA-08) is also utilizing this week to address Washington’s spending problem and introduce a bill that will do something about it. H.R. 1202, The One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2013, or, as it is more commonly known, “The One Cent Solution,” calls on Congress to cut just one percent – or one cent from every dollar spent -- from every agency each year the Budget is not balanced. In a video e-mail to his constituents, Rep. Scott outlined the bill and called on them to use social media to help spread the word about H.R. 1202:  



To view the video, click on the image or click here.


“We’ve got a real problem in this country. The problem is not tax revenues; tax revenues for FY 2013 are anticipated to be the highest they’ve ever been in the history of this country. The problem is Congress has not found a way to come to an agreement on how to cut spending.

Scott continued, “One Cent Solution” simply cuts one percent – or one cent from every dollar - from every agency in every year in which the Budget isn’t balanced. Families and businesses have done that, churches have done that, almost every American has made those simple, one percent cuts, in their budget, Congress can do it too.  This bill takes care of the next generation of Americans by making sure that we leave them with the same American dream that we’ve had.”


Additional Information: Last week, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) introduced companion legislation in the Senate: Balanced budget begins with a penny.