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Congressman Austin Scott Shares Georgians' Experiences with Obamacare

October 23, 2013
Press Release

(WASHINGTON) – U.S. Representative Austin Scott (GA-08) today discussed the disastrous impact the president’s health care law is having on jobs, the economy and access to affordable health care for Georgia families during remarks on the House Floor:

(Remarks as prepared)

“Mr. Speaker,

“Now that Obamacare has had twenty-three days of what has been a disastrous roll out and hundreds of thousands are getting health insurance cancellation notices, I wanted to hear directly from my constituents how this is helping or hurting people back in Georgia.

“Unfortunately, the news was not good.

“One constituent tells me: ‘Not only are premiums higher, but we have to pay more out of pocket. We will end up spending about $500-$600 a year on durable medical supplies that have ALWAYS been covered 100 percent. This does NOT help the middle class!’

“And another shared the news he recently learned from his employer: ‘My premiums are going up over $1,200 a year, and my deductible [is going up] by over $1,000, and my out-of-pocket max from $3,500 to $6,500.’

“That is more than a house payment for many Georgians.

“These are hardworking, middle class families in my district who were promised by the President that they could keep their current health care plans.  Now these plans are more expensive for less coverage.

“This is unacceptable, Mr. Speaker. 

“Contrary to the President’s promises, Obamacare is driving up costs, threatening jobs, kicking Georgians out of plans they like and limiting access for patients.

“What hardworking Americans need are common sense, market-based reforms that lower costs, increase access to more affordable care, and give citizens more control over their health care decisions – not less. 

“There is still time to stop this trainwreck, if the President and Democrats will join us.

“Thank you Mr. Speaker and I yield back.”