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Congressman Austin Scott Discusses ObamaCare Impact on Georgians' Access to Care

September 27, 2013
Press Release

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(WASHINGTON) – U.S. Congressman Austin Scott (GA-08) today delivered the following remarks on the U.S. House Floor in support of defunding Obamacare, the President’s 2010 health care law:


(Remarks as prepared)


“Mr. Speaker,

“Since Obamacare was first passed, we’ve known that it would cause premiums to rise and increase the cost of health insurance for millions of Americans.

“One issue that has not been talked about enough is the serious threat to access of quality care for patients, especially in the rural parts of the country.

“This is a very serious issue in my district, and one of the main reasons that I support defunding Obamacare. As we get closer to the October 1st release date of individual health insurance plans under Obamacare, the threat of reduced access is quickly becoming the reality.

“Because of Obamacare, one of the largest health insurers in Georgia is eliminating 40% of their contracts with hospitals and 30% of doctors in the state, and ending out of state coverage.

“For my constituents in rural Georgia, we already face a shortage of care. In small rural communities, working class patients have a more difficult time accessing the hospital or doctor that they may need.

“Supporters of Obamacare claimed the bill would fix this problem. Now it’s been confirmed that Obamacare is going to create an even bigger challenge for patients’ access to care.

“Mr. Speaker, I would urge my colleagues, and the American people to look at the facts and ask: ‘What good is a health insurance card when a patient cannot find a doctor or hospital that takes it?’

“That’s one of the reasons I stand before you in strong support of defunding this destructive law and putting in place common sense, market-based reforms that lower costs, increase access to more affordable care, and give citizens more control over their health care decisions.

“Thank you Mr. Speaker, and I yield back.”